Aviation Wrecks and Relics Photography
Reports of Museums and Vintage Aircraft
Aviation Photography - When there isn't an air show and the air force are not flying, then the only thing left is to visit are museums or to track down those elusive wrecks and relics dotted around the countryside.
Danmarks Tekniske Museum
Helsingor (Elsinore), Denmark
September 2013

Science Museum
Kensington, London
December 2013

Hellenic Air Force Relics
2010 to 2013
The Italian Air Force Museum 
Vigna di Valle, Rome
2004 to 2014

(Updated August 14, 2014)
Denmarks Flymuseum
Stauning, Denmark
August 2013
Veteran Car Museum
Egeskov Castle
Denmark, August 2013
Classic Air Force moves south
March 28-31, 2013
Göteborg - Säve Depot
June 9, 2013
June 10, 2013
F 15 Flight Museum
July 2013
Potteries Museum
September 2012
Royal Air Force Museum
Cosford 2003-2012
Imperial War Museum
Duxford 2008-2012
Royal Air Force Museum
Hendon 2006-2013
Riga Aviation Museum
Riga, Latvia
July 2011
Musée de l'Air et de l'Espace
Le Bourget, Dugny, Paris
October 2011
Militaire Luchvaart Museum
Soesterberg, Holland
December 2011
Chateaudun, France
February 2012
Parc de Découverte Aéronautique
Albert, France
June 2011
Verkehrshaus der Schweiz
Lucerne, Switzerland
June 2011
Aeropark Museum
East Midlands Airport, Nottingham
June 2011
Estonian Aviation Museum
Tartumaa, Estonia
July 2011
Hellenic War Museum
July 27, 2010
Hellenic Air Force Museum
Dekelia Air Force Base, Tatoi
September 8, 2010
Norsk Teknisk Museum
Oslo, Norway
September 2010
Forsvaret Flysamling Museum
Gardermoen, Norway
September 2010
Bulgarian Relics
June 2009
- April 2010
Polish Relics
October 2009
Swiss Relics
Nimrod Night Shoot 
Yorkshire Air Museum, Elvington
October 16, 2010
RNAS Predannack
July 2008
Planes of Fame Air Museum
Valle, Arizona
August, 2008
Victor Night Shoot 
Yorkshire Air Museum, Elvington
March 21, 2009
Bulgarian Museum of Aviation 
Krumovo, Plovdiv
June 2009
Národní Tecnické Muzeum
(National Museum of Technology)
Prague, Czech Republic, September 2006
Former Czech Air Force MiG-15bis
Jihlava airfield, Czech Republic
September 2006
Vyskov Museum
Vyskov, Czech Republic
September 2006
Cold War Relics
Romania, July 2006
Pinter Művek Museum
Kecel, Hungary
August 2005
Cold War Relics in Hungary
August 2005
Royal Army and Military History Museum 
(Musée Royal de l'Armée et
d'Histoire Militaire)
Brussels, 2005 and 2009
Belgian Relics
Belgium 2006-2013
RNAS Predannack
July 2003
Lingering MiGs and other Relics
June 2004
Fleet Air Arm Museum's Reserve Collection
Cobham Hall, Yeovilton
April 2005
Szolnoki Repűlő Mύzeum
Szolnok, Hungary
August 2005