Museum Relics Around Vienna
February 2018
Bad Vöslau
Whilst an impressive collection of aircraft is listed for here, it is found in a private hangar situated on the far side of the airfield. It is not accessible without prior permission. However my visit was mainly to see the Vickers Viking which was found in the middle of the airfield. It had been on display in the terminal of Vienna's international airport for many years before it moved here in around 2016 and now subject to the vicious Austrian weather.
Vickers VC-1 Viking (G-AGRW formally XF640)
Left to right: Vickers VC-1 Viking (G-AGRW formally XF640). It is one of the six surviving Vikings from the 163 built from 1945.
Left to right: VickersVC-1 Viking (G-AGRW formally XF640).
Saab J35OE Draken (24) formally of the Austrian Air Force.

Technisches Museum, Vienna
Left to right: Aviatik D.1 (101.37). A single-seater biplane fighter that was developed and manufactured by the Austro-Hungarian branch of the German aircraft company Aviatik from 1917.
Left to right: Gumpert G2 (OE-0017) it was designed by Bruno Gumpert as a training aircraft in 1931.
de Havilland Dove 5 (OE-BVM).

Heeresgeschichtliches Museum, Vienna.
It's hard work finding the few aircraft in the beautiful building. Don't forget to pay your two euro to allow you to take photographs otherwise they will catch you!.
Left to right: Albatros B.1 (20.01). It was shipped to the Austro-hungarian Empire in October 1914, it was used as a template airframe to build the Albatros B1 under license.
Left to right: Fiesler Fi156C-3 Storch (7A+WN). and Saab J29F Tunnan (29566 'O') bagged for the winter.

Flugmuseum Aviaticum, Wiener Neustadt.
Situated in a Diamond Industies hangar which houses this collection of mostly gliders. Permission needs to be gained before you can gain access.
Left to right: Messerschmitt Bf 109 G6 (784993 'White 13') using wreckage gathered by the owner Kurt Steiner, of number of aircraft from 1987.
Left to right: Raab Doppelraab IV (OE-0333), Schleicher Rhonlerche II (OE-0884), Grunau Baby III (OE-236) and Goppingen Goevier II (OE-0104).