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Bulgaria Air Force - Bulgarski Voennovazdyshini Sili
Bezmer Forward Operating Base (22.ShtAB)
June 2009
Left to right: Sukhoi Su-25K 'Frogfoot' (246) and Su-25UBK (002) are towed into position for my personal photo shoot.
Su-25K 'Frogfoot' (246) with Su-25UBK (002) in the background
Left to right: Su-25K 'Frogfoot' (246).
Left to right: Su-25K 'Frogfoot' (246).   
Left to right: Su-25K 'Frogfoot' (246) and a cockpit shot of Su-25UBK (002).  
Su-25UBK 'Frogfoot' (002) from the top of a revetment with Su-22M-4 in the background.
Left to right: Su-25UBK 'Frogfoot' (002).
Left to right: The maintenance hangar with three Su-25s, I was only allowed to photograph Su-25K (230 in the background are Su-25K '254' and Su-25UBK '047').