RAF Leeming - One last day with XXV(F) Squadron   

In Action
XXV(Fighter) Squadron - RAF Valley

XXV(F) Squadron reformed on August 1, 1989 at RAF Leeming with the Tornado F.3. They were subsequently disbanded on April 4, 2008.

On September 8, 2018 XXV(F) stood up at RAF Valley having reformed to fly the Hawk T.2

The Tornado F.3 Days at RAF Leeming
Tornado F.3 (ZE831 'XQ') callsign 'Javelin 1', 
refuelling from a 10 Squadron VC-10 K.3 at 20,000 feet over North Sea in July 2005. 
Air to Air Action
Tornado F.3s (ZE831 'XQ' and ZG780 'WF') in July 2005.
Tornado F.3s (ZE755/- and ZE254 'UD') in July 2005.
Tornado F.3s (ZE755/-, ZE254 'UD', ZE831 'XQ' and ZG780 'WF') using callsign 'Javelin 1-4' and two more images of ZE254 'UD' minus its squadron badge in May 2005.
Tornado F.3 (ZE254 'UD' and ZE755) in July 2005.
Tornado F.3 (ZE907 'DA') using callsign 'Volatile 31' during Ex Swift Panther in May 2006.
Left to right: Tornado F.3 (ZE907 'DA') using callsign 'Volatile 31' in May 2006.
Left to right: Tornado F.3s (ZE165 'GE' and ZE763 'FJ') in May 2006.

Low-level Flying Action
Tornado F.3 (ZE254 'UD') this time at low-level in the Lake District, it made two passes in 17 minutes on June 22, 2005.
Tornado F.3 (ZE755 'YL') in 25 Squadron colours, low-level through the A5 pass in September 2006 and also through the 'Loop' in March 2007.

On Base Action
At TLP 2006-4 Tornado F.3 (ZG780 'XXV') in special XXV(F) Squadron 90th anniversary markings.
It was inscribed '90 Years 1915 - 2005' by 2008 just before their disbandment it had been changed to simply '1915 - 2008'.
Two Tornado F.3s (ZG780 'XXV' and ZE201 'FB') attending TLP 2006-4 at Florennes Air Base, Belgium in July 2006. Tornado F.3 (ZE168 'FA') arriving at RAF Coningsby in November 2006 to take-over QRA duties.
Left to right: 25(F) Squadron Tornado F.3s (ZE982 'FR', ZE168 'FA' and ZE728 'FZ') were operating from Waddington for the duration of exercise Indra Dhanush from July 2-12, 2007.
Left to right: Tornado F.3s (ZE728 'FZ', ZE982 'FR' and ZE168 'FA') at Waddington.
Departing Leeming Tornado F.3 pair (ZG780 'XXV' and ZE982 'FR') in February 2008.
'XXV' in its final year was inscribed '1915 - 2008'.
Left to right: Tornado F.3 (ZE982 'FR' and ZG780 'XXV') at Leeming in February 2008.
Left to right: Departing Tornado F.3 (ZE728 'FZ') and Tornado F.3 (ZG780 'XXV') ready for flight in HAS 13 at Leeming in February 2008.