In Action
17(Reserve) Squadron - RAF Coningsby
17(R) Squadron was reformed as a Reserve Squadron on September 1, 2002 at BAE Systems, Warton and was tasked to bring the Typhoon in to operational service with the RAF. On April 1, 2005 the Squadron relocated to RAF Coningsby.

The current operations of 17(R) Test and Evaluation Squadron (TES) were withdrawn on April 12, 2013. The Typhoon Operational Evaluation Unit was moved at the same time to 41(R)TES Squadron also at RAF Coningsby. 17(R) will be responsible for bringing the F-35B Lightning II into service.
Air to Air Action
Typhoon F.2 (ZJ912 'AB') in July 2005.
Typhoon F.2 (ZJ912 'AB') in July 2005.

Coningsby Action
Left to right: Typhoon FGR.4s (ZJ946 'AG', ZJ914 'AF' and ZJ912 'AB') at Coningsby in January 2012.
Left to right: Typhoon F.2 (ZJ912 'AB') in April 2007. Typhoon FGR.4 (ZJ914 'AA') in January 2013.
Left to right: Typhoon F.2 (ZJ928 'AF') about to depart in November 2006. Typhoon T.1 (ZJ811 'AZ') and Typhoon F.2 (ZJ914 'AC') in April 2007.

Air Show Action
Typhoon T.1 (ZJ803 'AA') taking off from RIAT Fairford in July 2004.
Typhoon T.1 (ZJ803 'AA') on the display circuit in 2004.
Typhoon T.1 (ZJ803 'AA') at Waddington International Air Display in 2004.