13 Squadron 90th anniversary   
In Action
13 Squadron - RAF Marham
13 Squadron disbanded at RAF Marham on May 13, 2011
Tornado GR.4A (ZG705 'J') in December 2004 in the Lake District with the larger 2,250 litre (600 gallon) 'Hindenburger' drop tanks.
The above image is one of three images chosen by 13 Squadron for their official squadron postcards. I was very happy to help 'Chappers' out with the images.

Low-level Flying Action
Left to right: Tornado GR.4 (ZG752 '129') using callsign 'Marham 15' in November 2010.
Left to right: Tornado GR.4A (ZA369 '003') and Tornado GR.4 (ZD792 '100') with a Thermal Imaging Airborne Laser Designator (TIALD) pod fitted under the fuselage and two 1,500 litre drop tanks. They were flying as a pair through the Lakes in August 2009.
Left to right: Tornado GR.4 (ZA557 '048') unmarked but using callsign 'Marham 16' in August 2009 and again later in the month. 
Left to right: Tornado GR.4 (ZD707 '077') in August 2009 through the Lake District.
Left to right: Tornado GR.4 (ZA552 'XI') flying through the 'Loop' in Wales in August 2007 and also in April 2006 at low-level in the Lake District.
Left to right: Tornado GR.4A (ZG705 '118') passing through Lake District in August 2006.
Left to right: Tornado GR.4 (ZA602 'XIII') in September 2004 at low-level in the Lake District.
Tornado GR.4A (ZG729 'M') using callsign 'Marham 23' in full 13 Squadron markings when low-flying through mid Wales as part of Exercise 'Fast Mover' in April 2007.
Tornado GR.4A (ZG729 'M') in older markings and Tornado GR.4A (ZE116 '116') in new markings and using callsign 'Marham 18'. Both aircraft were low-flying through the 'Loop' in June 2007.

On Base Action
13 Squadron's specially marked Tornado GR.4A (ZA401 'XIII') in June 2005 at RAF Marham.
Tornado GR.4A (ZA401 'XIII') during their 90th Anniversary families day at Marham in June 2005.
Tornado GR.4A (ZG709 'V') at TLP 2006-4 Florennes, Belgium July 2006. Tornado GR.4A (ZD895 '115') at RIAT in 2010. Tornado GR.4 (ZD811 '103') at Marham in February 2011.